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Have Fun with an Amsterdam Escort in Haarlemmermeer

Do you want to get the most out of your trip to the Haarlemmermeer neighborhood of Amsterdam, but need a good starting point? Check out Escort Amsterdam Ladies for some of the hottest chicks who will lead you to your most sinful fantasies. Whether you want to hang out in the Red Light District and get weird or check out a coffee shop and get even weirder, our ladies can provide you with services unimaginable anywhere else in the world. Need a good place to start your hedonistic adventure? Check out some of the best coffee shops in the Haarlemmermeer area where you can sample some of the world's strongest greens before getting frisky with your Escort Amsterdam lady.


If you are in the mood for a wake n' bake after a late night with your Amsterdam escort, you're going to want to hit up Picasso. This coffee shop offers a free breakfast daily after you toke up. You will find a wide variety of smokeables, drinkables and edibles that can get you and your escort to the state of mind you need to be in a hurry.  The people you will find in Picasso are mostly older and local so you don't have to worry about anyone ruining your mellow experience. Located at Haarlemmerstraat 8 1013 ER Amsterdam, Netherlands.


This coffee shop used to be known as Pink Floyd and any escort Amsterdam provides you will tell you it is the best place to blow your mind. The place usually plays a wide variety of American and British psychedelics, blues and experimental rock that fits perfectly with the powerful pot and psilocybin mushrooms you can consume here. After you finish your business here, it is recommended that you take your Amsterdam escort back to a hotel for an even more mind-blowing experience. Located at Haarlemmerstraat 44 1013 ES Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 (0)20 3205427

Barney's Coffeeshop

Locals who visit the Barney's chain of coffee shops claim that the owners dip into the product a little more than they should. This should make it an excellent destination to purchase some primo pot from some bonafide experts before you get serious with the services of an escort Escort Amsterdam Ladies can provide. Haarlemmerstraat 102 1013 EW Amsterdam, +31 (0)20 6259761.

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